Megatrón is available in several configurations:

- ICETRON: Basic model compound by a Big Caudal Shoot with approximately 400 m3 action, ideal for 4 & 8 meters hight between floor and ceiling. To this option you can add as much new shoot as you wish, and you can increase power until get to Extra Power shoot 500m3.


- EMOTION: Compound by a shoot 400 m3 and 4 more little shoots 100m3.


- MAXTRON: This configuration it's recommended for large areas. Every shoot will be powered and will be provided by a large tank to get more autonomy.

- With hight between 6 and 10 meters from floor to ceiling It's recommended Maxi Caudal Shoots (700 m3).
- With hight between 3 and 4 meters from floor to ceiling it's recommended 50% Caudal shoots (they always coming in pairs) or Capilars 25% Caudal (in groups of 4 - 6 or 8 shoots).
- For a awesome aesthetic effect over stage and deejay box we recommend you Big Caudal Capilars in a group of 4 shoots.